45 STR. Store | 30 Serdika Str, Sofia, Bulgaria

45 Str. is an original brand, based In Sofia, Bulgaria.

Who are we?

In our attempt to find a brand that meets all of our requirements for quality and design, we decided to challenge ourselves and create our own. In 2013, on March 1st to be precise, we launched 45 Street.

We make hats. Not just hats. And we don’t just make them.

Every collection is a result of extensive research and experiments, which lead us to creating the finest hats, clothes and accessories. Quality without compromise and original design are the fundament of our products. We work with the best local masters and factories.

We produce our models with great precision and meticulous handcrafted details using natural materials and fabrics, which we handpick ourselves.

We are thankful to all of our friends who walk around wearing 45 Street, because this is our confirmation that the world looks better when things are made well and with love.

Besides hats, in our heads there’s lots of music, a strongly developed feel of aesthetics, interior design, architecture and love for our nature.

Meet us at info@45str.com!